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Baronial Championship Tournament

Their Excellencies Jørgen and Meredyth, standing in front of the fields of Pennsic

Greetings to the good gentles of Ben Dunfirth!

Your Baron and Baroness are searching for their Baronial Champions in the martial fields of heavy weapons, fencing, archery and thrown weapons! These honours will be bestowed upon those worthies who compete and triumph in our Baronial Championship tournaments occurring at Huntsman's Harvest this coming Saturday! So come one, come all to our Championship tournament, held at each of the fields of honour at a time determined by the Marshalls.

This honour will last for a year, have very few public duties involved (outside of bragging rights), and will include a fetching sash to wear at our evening Court at Huntsman's, our Murder Melee event, and any other events Ben Dunfirth hosts in the year. Qualifications for consideration: you must play for the Barony of Ben Dunfirth, and be of legal age to participate in the martial activity/ies chosen. Best of luck to you all, and we look forward to next weekend's event!

—Their Excellencies Jørgen and Meredyth, Baronials of Ben Dunfirth

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