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Grimmroth wearing a helmet faces an opponent with a red shield. He strikes an intimidating face as he prepares to hit his opponent with a sword.

Martial Activities

One of the most well-known and widely-enjoyed activities in the SCA is armoured combat. Our warriors participate in tournaments for individuals and teams, tactical melees involving dozens of combatants, and even large-scale wars with thousands of participants! Unlike reenactments of battles from history, our combat activities are unchoreographed and the outcome is entirely based on the skill and training of the combatants involved.


Combat in the Society is based on a system of honour and chivalry. Because the combat is full speed and unchoreographed, the combatants themselves determine if the attacks they receive were successful based on the angle, location, and force of the strike. Safety officers, known as marshals, are always on hand to ensure that the combat is performed safely and to ensure that all equipment used meets established safety standards.

Ben Dunfirth meets for weekly Fight Practice every Monday at 7:00 PM:

Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre
10 Market St S, Dundas, ON L9H 5G4

More information can be found on the Upcoming Meetings & Fight Practices Schedule.

Duke Evander blocks an incoming blow from Duke Roak by holding his sword horizontally above his head.

Armoured Combat

Armoured combat in the SCA resembles medieval tournaments. Combatants can face each other in single combat in tournaments or large-scale melee "wars" with dozens or even hundreds of combatants on each side.

Scully lets loose an arrow from a red bow, held in the right hand. The propulsion of the arrow causes their long hair to go flying upwards with the arrow's trajectory.


SCA Archery is a target-based style of archery that uses period bows such as recurve, longbows, and crossbows. Archers may participate in tournaments to test their expertise and accuracy against other skilled archers.

See Archery Practice for more information and a schedule of practice times.


Rapier Combat

SCA Rapier Combat recreates the style of pre-17th century rapier sword fighting. SCA Rapier Combat differs from modern fencing in its use of a wide variety of weapons, and even encompasses large-scale melees.

A hand from the right-side of the image grips an axe that has been horizontally lodged in a target tree stump

Thrown Weapons

SCA Thrown Weapons is a target-based style of martial art where participants use a variety of throwing knives, axes, and even spears to hit solid wood targets.

Duke Evander blocks an incoming blow from Duke Roak by holding his sword horizontally above his head.

Youth Combat

Youth Combat allows children aged 6–17 to participate in a kid-friendly version of armoured and rapier combat by using highly-padded foam "boffer" weapons, with a focus on safety, courtesy, honour, and skill. 

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